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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Pinterest Find

Hello, Bloggy Land!  We don't have school today due to flooding.  The weather here is pretty crazy:  we're in a flood warning, flash flood watch, and winter storm watch all at the same time!  I told my mom on the phone this morning that it is pretty bad when you live on a large hill and STILL have flooding in the yard!

Earlier this week, our Instructional Technologist held a Pinterest Workshop after school.  She does this every now and then and we really learn some neat things.  While doing a social studies search, I discovered this:

This neat pack was developed by Katie author of the Teacher to the Core blog.  It is a TPT product and looks amazing.  I am going to head over there right now to make my purchase!

What are some neat finds that you have discovered recently?

Happy (Rainy) Wednesday!!

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  1. Holy Cow-that is crazy! Here in Cali our kids have indoor recess because it's just too cold outside (we're such wimps) but a flood warning, now that's legit. Sending you dry thoughts and stay safe!
    Fluttering Through First Grade