Adventures in First Grade

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Schoolhouse Rocks

Tonight was our first grade PTA program.  Oh, it was too cute! 

Our amazing music teacher taught them the songs and the motions.  Our grand finale was singing Fireflies by Owl City.  We turned out the lights in the gym, and then out came the surprise.  They sang and did the motions using...glow sticks.  It was breathtaking!  I wish that I had been able to take a picture to share how great it was.

I'm off to has been a long day!

Happy Almost Friday!


  1. That sounds super cute! We have our program coming up the first week of April. I'm excited for the kiddos.

  2. Sounds like fun! Our program is not until May.

    I gave you an award. Please come on over and check it out!

  3. Love these ideas! You have wonderful writing resources on your blog - thank so much!!!!

    I am your newest follower!


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