Adventures in First Grade

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The 100th Post

This is my 100th post.  I know that it should be packed full of units or pictures of my classroom.  Umm, no, not exactly.   It seems like it wouldn't have anything to do with school, but I think that I can show you that it is important to teachers everywhere.


Are you sure?

Okay, okay.

Have you seen these?

They are DELISH!  At about 2:00 when I feel like I can't make it through Social Studies/Science, I get a couple of these and am good to go.

I know that this is a stretch for an education blog, but at this time of year, anything to get through, right?

Have you tried these?  What is your go-to snack?

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Having a coke & a piece of licorice works for me... is seems to make everything doable! (probably just a sugar high though! lol)

    First Grade Delight

  2. I need to try those out!!!!! Yummmmm!!!!!!
    I'll eat anything at 2:00 in the afternoon. ANYTHING.
    Congrats on 100 posts!!
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  3. I think I would LOVE those. Must get them today. I have to eat gluten free, so I like the chocolate rice cakes (sometimes with peanut butter!). Congrats on 100 posts.

    First in Maine