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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

That Was Quick and a *Freebie*

Huh.  Three school days go by REALLY fast.  Today was our first day least it is a short week!

It appears that I am "it" in a fun little game of bloggy tag.  I will be answering some questions from Kristi and Crystal over at Teaching Little Miracles.  If you haven't checked out their blog, you really need to hop on over.

Okay.  The first thing that I am supposed to do is post the rules:

1.  Post the rules.
2.  Answer the ten questions posted for you.
3.  Create ten questions that you want to ask people that you will be tagging.
4.  Tag ten people and don't forget to let them know that you tagged them.

Here are the questions that I am to answer.

1.  How long have you taught?
9 years

2.  What state do you teach in?

3.  What are your contract hours at school?
8:05 - 3:35

4.  Lunch - Duty? or Duty free?

5.  What reading series do you use?
We have a basal series, but to be honest, I use Reading A to Z and other forms of literature.

6.  What math series do you use?
enVision...this is our first year using it, and the jury is still out on what I think about it.

7.  What is your favorite hobby?
My favorite thing to do for myself is to read!  It is my "me" time!

8.  What is the last movie you watched?
Umm....hmmm....well.....boy I'm boring!  My youngest is two, so trips to the movies are a no-no - unless of course we want to be asked never to return! 

9.  What is your favorite season and why?
I love all of the seasons.  I guess my favorite season is spring (probably because that is the season we are in!).  I really love working in my garden and the feeling of warmth in the air.

10.  What is your favorite game to play with your students?
When I taught third grade, I would love to play Quiddler with them.  I had forgotten about it...I need to pull it out and play it with my firsties.

As I was looking around to see who I could tag, I notice that everyone has been tagged!  So I hope that I am not breaking any rules for not passing on some questions!

As a reward for reading and learning how boring I am, I have a freebie for you!

I have noticed that my kiddos need a firmer grasp of their addition facts.  As a whole group, we will discover all of the addition sentences that will have a sum of ten.  Then in their groups, they will choose a number 11 - 20 and work to figure out all of the addition sentences that equal the number that they chose.

CLICK HERE if this is something you are interested in!

Happy Wednesday!

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