Adventures in First Grade

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

In 3, 2, 1......

I did something new today. 

I got a....spray tan!

My cousin is getting married this weekend, and I decided that I wanted to look glowing in my dress.  He better appreciate this!!

I've been very nervous about the whole thing.  I kept picturing that Friends episode when Ross kept messing up the directions and things went terribly wrong.  The computerized lady kept saying, "Spray begins in 3, 2, 1....," and I barely had time to get myself situated on the little feet guides! I have the worst luck with things like this, so I am worried that I am going to look like an orange striped zebra tomorrow.

Oh heavens.

When I got home from my adventure, my favorite delivery man had left me a package:

I am so excited to crack this open and have the ideas start flowing. 

If I am orange tomorrow, at least I'll have Debbie Diller to keep me company.

Check back tomorrow for the status of my skin!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. I'm sure you won't be orange! That friends episode was funny though. I loved math work stations- the book and using them in my room this past year. Hope you like it too.
    First Grade Found Me

  2. It doesn't show up right away? I thought the spray was an actual color. I am so allergic to that stuff, so I stay away.

    Thanks for your sweet comment!

    ✰ Kimberley ✰
    First in Maine

  3. Good luck with the tan! I'm getting pretty dark since it has been 100+ degrees for weeks (it seems) and I've been floating in my pool alot! I'd love to hear your thoughts on the book too!

    Teaching Little Miracles

  4. I nominated you for the Liebster Award. Come check it out on my blog! :)

    Teaching is Colorful

  5. I've been wanting to try one---but so afraid I would come out orange with polka dots or stripes knowing my luck. Fill us in tomorrow! :)

    First Grade and Fabulous

  6. As soon as I read spray tan my mind immediately went to that Friends episode! I LOVE that show!!

    Good luck on your color tomorrow. I'm too nervous to try it!


  7. You will LOVE this book. I'm rereading it right now and it is the basis for how I teach math. I don't do everything how Debbie Diller does it but it has given me wonderful ideas. Let me know what you think. I'll write a post about it as soon as I can get to my classroom to take pics.

    First Grade with a Cherry on Top

  8. The suspense is killing us! How did the tanning go?
    There is a 20 year high school reunion on the horizon and have comtemplating getting one. So much healthier than baking in the sun just to become a lobster! Can't wait to hear!
    ~Christy & Tammy