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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Take Three, Thank You, and Oh My Goodness!

As you can tell from the title, a lot has been going on in my little world. 

Well, after all of the drama from our canceled field trip, and then it was cancled again due to rain, we finally, FINALLY, FINALLY were able to go yesterday.  It was a perfect autumn day without a cloud in the sky.  Thank goodness!

I would like to thank Dee from First Impressions for the Blog on Fire Award!!  Thank you, Thank you!!

This school year has been quite difficult for me, so this really warms my heart!  I am supposed to share seven things about myself and then pass on this award.

1.  Fall = College Football Season!!  I love football...especially because some of the teachers at my school participate in a football pool...the winner at the end of the season is free from bus duty!

2.  My sister is an artist.  A real one.  I, however, cannot draw a stick figure without a ruler, and even then it is hard to tell what I have created!

3.  I have lived in Southwest Virginia for almost ten years.  I love the mountains!!

4.  I got lost in the corn maze yesterday on our field trip.  My kids didn't seem to realize...shh...don't tell them!

5.  I LOVE chocolate!

6.  My oldest son is going to be six next week...SIX!

7.  My youngest son thinks he's a Ninja could be the Halloween costume.
I would like to pass on the Blog on Fire award to:

Doodle Bugs Teaching
Dandelions and Dragonflies
Ms. Preppy

Finally...onto the Oh My Goodness.  I was observed today.  By my principal.  A surprise observation.  Let me set the scene for you: 

I have had to rearrange the way that I do my work stations (due to some poor work habits and behavior).  Today was the first day that we tried my new system.  I had just settled in with my first group when in walked my principal...with her clipboard (clue # 1 that it was time for someone's observation).  She headed back to our first grade closet (which is actually the Reading Recovery teacher's space) and I thought...shew, it's not me!  Then she pulled a chair my small group table.........and sat down................with group time.  (Look up deer in a headlight, and there you will find my picture!)

This particular group that I was working with has four sweet little firsties.  One of them, though has the small problem of saying whatever pops into his head.  A lot.  So as my principal is getting settled, I am busy thinking, please don't say anything crazy!  Thankfully, all went smoothly, after I got over my initial shock.  Now I can breathe a little easier, knowing that my turn is over!!

Happy Tuesday!!

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