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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Where Have You BEEN All of My (Teaching) Life?!

I feel so blessed to have stumbled into this teaching bloggy world.  It is truly an educator's dream.  So many people with awesome ideas, and I want to do everything at once! 

When I first began "stalking" my favorite blogs, I read how so many of you use the Scotch Laminator.  I checked them out but saw in the same section laminating pouches that do not require heat.  I tossed a couple of boxes in my cart and thought that my problems were solved.  And they were.  Until last night.  I slipped to the store yesterday evening because I needed some laminating pouches.  I rounded the corner, and....NOTHING.  They were OUT!  Didn't the store KNOW that I needed them to get some Thanksgiving centers finished because my family is coming into town this weekend for my son's birthday and I will never get it finished? 

Desperate, I grabbed one of the laminators, two boxes of thermal pouches and ran for the check-out.  Taking my new supplies to our office, I set up the laminator and waited for it to heat up, all the while thinking that this was so NOT going to work.  I was wrong.  So very, very wrong.  That little invention from Scotch is AMAZING!  There was no bubbling, wrinkling, and the seal was great.  I am a believer. 

I feel like a new woman.  Before I burst into song (believe me, NO one wants that to happen), I better just say, Happy Laminating!

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