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Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I have been enjoying my time off with my family so much that I have let my blogging kind of slide.  I hope everyone else is enjoying their summer time too.

I am starting to think about next school year, and I have been thinking about how I "do" math.  We have the enVision series, which is okay, but I feel like I have to supplement it a lot.  I want to add a structured math station time to my day.  What I am trying to figure out now is if I want to use Debbie Diller, Math Daily Five, or a combo of both.

Any ideas or suggestions?  Do you do something else that you like even better?

I can't wait to hear your awesome ideas!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. We're changing our curriculum to Math Expressions and I think I'm going to have to supplement a lot more. Last year I started Math Work Stations and I will definitely keep that. I love it! It was a little hard to find time to play games 3-4 times before leaving them as a station but other than that, it was great. I usually pulled a small intervention group or assessed during this time. I don't know anything about Daily 5 math but that's probably great too since Daily 5 reading is so wonderful.
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  2. Oh my gosh Megan,I changed how I did math last year and I love love love it. I did Math Work Stations but a little differently. We called it math tubs. Every Monday I would teach the students the tubs for the week...four tubs and computers. Each tub would have some type of review game or activity to work on a skill. They worked in partners (I would partner a high and a low together) and each day they would go to a new tub. While half of the class was at tubs, my assistant and I were working in small groups with the rest. She would take the high and I would always work with the low. Each small group would have no more than 5 students. In small group we would teach a new skill and use manipulatives and math journals. If a student was at a math tub they knew not to come and interrupt, just like with Daily Five. I loved it and it worked so great. I will try to blog about it and include pictures.


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  4. I just had to start following someone who has really been taking the time for themselves this summer!!! Good for you . . . That's what it's all about.

    We have to supplement our math text as well. Our program is HORRID and it feels like I am always standing at the copy machine. I also really want to run more math centers next year and I just purchased Debbie's book. I will be back to check in with you once I dive into the book a bit more. I would love to share and bounce ideas (I teach first too).

    Kelley Dolling
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