Thursday, September 1, 2011

ABC Word Study Station

Today I would like to share my ABC Word Study Station with you.  This area is tucked between the back of a metal cabinet (perfect for magnet letters) and a small two-shelf bookcase.  It is the perfect space for two, and sometimes three, first grade bodies.

On the bookshelves, I have items that the students can use to build words.  I change them out every so often.  For example, I put out letter stamps later in the year because I learned the hard way that firsties cannot handle ink pads and stamps at the beginning of the year!  Trial and error is an amazing thing!

I have on the top shelf a basket of books.  Right now it holds mainly ABC books and books that use the word families that we have studied so far.  Later in the year, I will add parts of speech books.

I have a tub of teddy bears with lower case letters on them that they can use to make words.  The kiddos really like the bears in the beginning of the year.  But, as they become better spellers and readers, I switch them out for the alphabet stamps.

On the bottom shelf, you will find my handy dandy tackle box used to house my magnet letters.  They LOVE to use the magnet letters!

I hope that you have enjoyed my ABC Word Study Station.  Classroom tour:  To Be Continued.......

Happy Almost Friday!!


Nermine Ayman

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