Adventures in First Grade

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Science/Social Studies Work Station

I LOVE Debbie Diller and her workstations.  She has changed my teaching life!  Today, I want to welcome you into my Science/Social Studies Work Station.  Right now we are in a science phase:  Monarch butterflies!!

Here is a close up of the books.  The book that is propped up on the right, Starting Life Butterfly is AMAZING!  I actually got it at....Bass Pro Shop!  Can you imagine?  They  have really great animal books for kids.

 My sons and I went for a walk Sunday evening and found some milkweed by our road.  There are four eggs!  I noticed this afternoon that we have had one hatch!!  I can't wait to show the kiddos tomorrow!

I hope that you have enjoyed checking out our Science/Social Studies Station.  Tomorrow:  ABC Word Study Station.

Happy Tuesday!!

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