Adventures in First Grade

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Life Cycle of a Monarch Butterfly

Okay...I am beginning to think that my monarch caterpillars are, well, "special."  They hatched at the end of August.  It was really cool: we got to see the egg, the caterpillar.  We are STILL waiting for a chrysalis.  I think that the kiddos think that I am making up this whole caterpillar to butterfly thing.  And, to make matters worse, my neighbor mowed his field where I get my milkweed!  I mean, how DARE he mow his OWN field!  Doesn't he know that I have very hungry caterpillars?

HELP!  Has this ever happened to anyone else?   The children will be so upset if Ella and Kevin (don't ask), heaven forbid...go up! 

Praying for a caterpillar miracle.

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