Adventures in First Grade

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Mayflower

In our school, there are many very LARGE bulletin boards in the hallways, and each grade is responsible for one of the boards.  The other first grade teachers and I rotate board decoration duties.  November is one of my months. 

This always gives me some anxiety because the bulletin board is in one of the main halls for all (and I mean ALL) to see.  We started working on our bulletin board the last week of October.

First I read from this book:

In it, there is a section that talks about what the people who traveled on The Mayflower could bring with them.  We learned that each family could only bring what would fit in a small trunk:

We then brainstormed ideas as a whole group:

Once we listed all of our ideas, I gave each student a piece of paper to write the eight things that they would have wanted to take on The Mayflower.  The paper I used was manilla drawing paper that I ran through the copier.

That evening, to make them look older, I burned the edges of each child's paper.

 A couple kind of got away from can be tricky!!

Here is the final result:

My kids are very excited about their board, and cannot wait to take home their burned papers!!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. What a CUTE idea! LOVE IT GIRL! :)

  2. Thanks, Rachelle! You have totally made my day!!