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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

November Writing Station

I am sorry that I haven't posted many pictures lately.  My camera died, and we had to get another one.  But now I am back in the picture taking business!!

I wanted to share my November Writing Station with you.  I try to change my writing station decorations/theme each month.

I have added a fall green table cloth, a (fake) white pumpkin, and this cool wooden divided box that I found at an antique store.  One side holds golden pencils and the other has crayons.  I also have a tin container to hold autumn themed writing paper.

I have a word wall that I created on a project display board that I keep up all year long:

In addition to the word wall, I like to put an anchor chart of season/holiday specific words:

However, my favorite part of the writing center is my GIGANTIC, PURPLE CRAYON!!  My husband won it for me at a theme park, and then made ME carry the crayon around for the rest of the day.  Keep in mind, that the crayon is taller than I am!!  I knew that it would be a hit, though, because every kid I passed would say things like, "WOW," and "Cool!!"

Check out the very large, purple crayon:

  Tomorrow, I am going to share with you the hall bulletin board that my class was responsible for.

I hope that everyone had a happy Tuesday!

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