Adventures in First Grade

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sad Situation

You know how you have those kids that have a home life that you can't even imagine?  I have several of them this year, but one that really broke my heart today.  This little guy, let's call him Josh, poured his heart out to me about his life at home.  I was shocked.  Some of these kids have seen more by the time they are in first grade then I will see in a lifetime. 

Without going into specifics, the school has been able to get this family some much needed help.

What is scary to me is that every year, I have more and more children who are falling into this category.  I want to bring them all home with me and try to give them a better life.  Sometimes I get so sad when I think about these students, but I have realized that I can try to make their lives better at school. 

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Have a happy Thursday!

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