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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Nouns, Nouns, Nouns!

I spent most of the weekend working on my Nouns, Nouns, Nouns! packet for Teachers Pay Teachers.  This packet includes:
    - A pocket chart noun sort with the headings people, places, things, and animals.
    - A cut and paste noun sort.
    - Noun assessments with specific holiday/season themes.  They include:  school days, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, winter, spring, and summer.
    - Answer keys accompany each component.

To check out Nouns, Nouns, Nouns!, CLICK HERE!

Today is our last school day before Thanksgiving vacation....

Happy Tuesday!!

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  1. You have an interesting blog, Nunley. I love to learn english through Acronyms. recently I coined S MA CAPS (Pronounced See My Caps), an acronym/a Mnemonic to recall types of count nouns. So, Teach your kids the basics of count nouns through this simple acronym. It stands for Society, Measurement, Animals, Containers, Abstract, Person, Shape. It might help you too. follow the link