Adventures in First Grade

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Hobby Lobby Heaven

I have read on many blogs about this amazing store:  Hobby Lobby.  I have always been very sad, because I didn't think there was a Hobby Lobby close to where we live. 

This weekend my husband and I went on an out of town shopping trip (necessary since there were only 16 days until Christmas and this chickadee had not bought ONE SINGLE gift).  There was a wonderful shopping center and Mr. Nunley was reading off the names of the stores on his side, and I was telling him the ones on mine.  I'm sure that you can guess one of the names he said:  HOBBY LOBBY.

He was quite taken aback when I shouted for him to stop the car....stop it NOW!  You could just see the deer in the headlight look as he attempted to calculate what this excitement was going to cost.

I wisely sent him to an electronics store and I headed to the famed Hobby Lobby.  I walked in the doors and just stopped, jaw dropped to the floor, as I gazed around in wonder. 

About an hour later, I happened to look up to see Mr. Nunley strolling down the aisle toward me.  I was nervous that he was going to be annoyed, but no.  HE had found something that HE wanted!

When I got home from our shopping trip, I went online to the Hobby Lobby store finder search.  I discovered that a new Hobby Lobby store has opened in a city not that far away.  What a marvelous holiday surprise!


Happy Sunday!


  1. Hobby Lobby is like a Christmas miracle! :) hahaha

  2. Oh my favorite place to be..I have to fight to keep myself OUT of there. I once thought of getting a part-time job there, but then decided I'd just have to hand them over my pay check when I got it :) enjoy your new find!