Adventures in First Grade

Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Day in My Shoes

I have seen a lot of bloggy friends participating in A Day in My Shoes Linky Party hosted by Katie over at The Adventures of a Sixth Grade Teacher.

I'm going to choose Monday, since that is tomorrow, and unlike EVERYONE else, we will be in school tomorrow!

5:00     My alarm goes off, drag myself out of bed, and head blindly to the shower.

5:30 - 6:00  Breakfast, blog stalk, Bible in no particular order.

6:00 - 7:00     Dress, do the hair thing, say good-bye to my husband, and begin coaxing my boys out of bed.

7:00 - 7:30     Hope that I've made it to the car with everybody and everything.  Five minutes into the drive, I wave to my school as I go cruising past.  Meet Mother-in-Law to get my littlest.

7:30 - 7:50     Drive BACK to school with oldest.

8:10 - 8:30     Kiddos begin arriving.  Morning Activities, AR, etc.

8:30 - 9:15     AR continues, reading conferences, morning work

9:15 - 10:40     Daily Five, groups

10:40 - 11:10     Recess...with the kids.

11:15 - 11:45     Lunch - NOT duty free.  Spills, tattles and hopefully a little lunch is eaten.

11:45 - 12:00     Number Talks, Calendar

12:00 - 12:20     First Grade Meeting:  Phonics songs, etc.

12:20 - 1:20     Math

1:20 - 2:00     Specials (Art)

2:00 - 2:35     Science or Social Studies

2:35 - 2:50    Pack-up, chapter book read aloud

2:50 - 4:30     Teacher stuff, getting ready for the next day, etc.

4:30 - 5:30     Commute to MIL's house to get littlest and drive back home

5:30 - 9:30    Homework (mine and oldest), dinner, play, chores, baths, lunches, clothes ready, stories, greet husband, hugs, laundry..........

9:30 - 10:00     Read for ME!

10:00     In bed so I can be ready to start the new day.

Head on over to Adventures of a Sixth Grade Teacher and link up.  I can't wait to read about your day!

Happy Sunday!


  1. I'm so sorry! At least we're not alone!

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  3. Oops. I copied the wrong link back to my blog. Let's try this again.
    I can't believe you don't have a duty free lunch. Our union would go nuts over that. It's in our contract.
    I'm really sorry you don't have tomorrow off. I'll be extra lazy for you. :)
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  4. @ Kristen: Thanks! I'm glad that some people get to be lazy! Be thinking of me when my alarm goes off SUPER early tomorrow since I also have bus duty!

  5. I love my nightly Read time on my Kindle. =) My favorite part of the day!

  6. I cannot believe that you do not have a duty free lunch...that is crazy!

    Thanks for linking up!
    Miss Klohn
    Adventures of a 6th Grade Teacher

  7. Eating lunch with my kids would send me over the edge...I'd develop twitch for sure!!!!!

    Hope you had a good day today!!!

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  8. I had school today too! I would go crazy even I didn't have a duty free lunch. I can only handle the few students who earned the award of lunch in the classroom.

    Hope you had a good Monday!!

    Apples and Papers

  9. @ Holly: I have, in fact, developed full body twitches as a result of the craziness that is the lunch room!

    @ Jessica: I had a really good day! I hope you did too!

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