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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Teacher Down: A Random Hodgepodge of Information

I thought I had beaten it.  I thought I was in the clear.  I figured that there was no WAY I could get the yucky stomach bug that the rest of my family had....four days later.  Totally wrong!

I was fine.  Until after lunch yesterday.  We had a small assembly to kick off our "One School, One Book" program.  Every child in the school is getting a copy of The Trumpet of the Swan.

Long story short, I had to leave school early. 

It was really inconvenient too.  My husband is out of town...on a fishing trip.  So I had to leave my youngest son at his grandmother's because there was no WAY I would be able to take care of him and be sick.  My oldest was a real sweetheart.  He kept saying, "Mommy, if you need anything, just tell me.  I'll get it for you." Ahhh..sweet boys.

Thankfully, I was able to return to the world of the living today.

This week we are giving the PALS assessment.  I was SO proud of one of my little guys.  He is an ELL student, and he got up to the fourth grade level word list!!  He KNEW that he had done a great job and was so excited!

On the topic of giving mid-year assessments, I need advice.  When you are testing one child, what are your other children working on?  The lack of a regular schedule during these days throws my classroom off - me included!  I never had to give the PALS in third grade, and I'm not sure the best way to manage it.  Any ideas that you have will be appreciated!

I guess that is enough randomness for one evening.  Thanks to all of you who stuck it through till the end of this post!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. I am also giving PALS this week to my kiddies! I am having students do lots of center activities (both literacy and math). Luckily I have a half day para and so she can monitor while I pull my babies. Plus, at my school we only mid-year PALS the students we are worried about. Do you all mid-year PALS all of your kids? Im curious because there is not set "benchmark". Good luck!

  2. @Laurie: We give the PALS at the beginning, middle and end of the year to ALL of the first graders...shew! I have aways been confused about the mid-year "benchmarks" since there don't appear to be any! My team and I set our benchmark for them reading on a primer level, since they are to be reading on first grade by the end of first grade.

    You are so lucky to have another set of eyes in your room to help moniter!

    Thanks for your ideas!

    I hope your kids do great!

  3. I don't know what PALS involves but when I do my F & P Assessments {running records on steroids} I usually do it during Daily 5 and during Writer's Workshop. Two times in my day where the kids are engaged for a "long" period of time. Assessments for me take two solid that's a lot of "independent" work time for my kiddos...I used to feel badly about the lack of direction from me and the change of schedule - but it is what it is...I didn't push "data" on myself...

    Hope you are feeling better!!!!!! YUCK!!!!

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade